Parts sourcing and supply

Station Mechanical Solutions are here to help you save time and money, with our parts sourcing and supply service.

With our service you will:

  1. Save time chasing up parts, and let our team do the work!
  2. You’ll even save on freight costs; because we will bring them with us – at no extra cost!*
  3. Reduce your administrative work; all of the labour and parts are on one convenient invoice
  4. Reduce your obsolete stock;  gone are the days of having cartons of filters on hand, to find out they no longer fit your current equipment! We supply you as required!
  5. Eliminate the cost of ordering incorrect parts; if we order the wrong part or take a guess and it’s not required, we handle the whole return process, at no cost to you.

Just the right parts, fitted at the right time.

And it’s not just the parts we stock! We can source and supply any parts that you may require. Not only can we supply single items, but we can also supply bulk orders of parts you replace regularly.

*as part of our Service Run

Our aim is to provide a quality, value for money, cost-effective, worry-free mechanical solution.

Our clients are a mix of pastoral stations and other commercial ventures who don’t require or are unable to employ a full-time mechanic. We can also supplement an existing mechanic during busy times, on big jobs, or to cover leave.

While our staff are highly qualified and familiar with most machinery, we know our limits and will support you through any necessary highly specialist repairs.

Station Mechanical Solutions carry a wide range of parts, so you don’t have to.

We supply genuine filters or respected after-market brands, and sourcing parts for less common machines is no issue.

Other benefits include:


  • No more obsolete parts sitting in your store
  • One less job for management
  • Save on freight costs
  • Decrease your admin load – one SMS invoice rather than multiple parts invoices to process and pay
  • Carton quantities available

We’ve got the job covered, from start to finish.

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Operating out of Katherine, Nothern Territory

M-F: 8am – 5pm. Outside hours, by appointment.

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